Turkish Construction Material Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish construction material, Turkey construction material manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality construction material from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

UYEF BUILDING MATERIALS CO. LTD.        Türkiye     Halide Kara    
s construction material, building material, construction, building
s construction material, building material, construction, building
YAPI TEKNIK INSAAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Semra GÜNEŞ MUTLU    
s building materials, construction material, drain, eps, galvanised steel trapeze, grp, gypsum board, insulation, isolation, membrane, shingle
SERCOR LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Salih ARMUTLU    
s construction materials, building materials, machines, clay roof tiles, metal roofings, roofing underlayments, exterior systems, aluminium systems, doors, windows, profiles, handrails, railing glasses, concrete machines, concrete plants, pavement machines, pvc panels, cabinets, barrels, construction material, building material, machine, clay roof tile, metal roofing, roofing under, acrylic sheet, acrylic sheets, aluminium, aluminum, lighting, furniture, travertine, granite, pvc window, pvc door, food products, door, window, natural stones, food, led lighting, mosaics, handrail, ceramic, bathroom, sanitaryware, dry food, ceramic tiles, porcelain, split face marble, travertine tiles, foods, concrete machine, electrical equipments, profile, pvc membrane, roofing, gypsum board, laminate flooring, clay bricks, polished marble, interior doors, exterior doors, floor tiles, wall tiles, insulation materials, faucets, parquet, electrical materials, lighting fixtures, outdoor lighting, marble mosaics, medical materials, concrete plant, travertine slabs, interior lighting, interior lighting fixtures, wooden products, pvc door panel, ceramic tile, low current systems, pvc door systems, brushed marble, calcite, wooden flooring, porcelain tiles, aluminium joinery, marble, food product, marble tiles, marble slabs, dolomite, membranes, porcelain tile, travertine wall tiles, marble wall tiles, facade cladding, electrical wiring, pvc systems, pvc foam sheet, roof insulation, wood flooring, roofing systems, pvc membranes, micronized calcite, micronized dolomite, roofing tiles, silica sand, pvc panel, polycarbonate panels, barrel locks, shingle, aluminium system, terracotta, bitumen membrane, tpo membrane, roofing underlayment, clinic devices, exterior system, railing glass, pavement machine, clinic device, rock cabinet, facade membranes, breathable membrane, hammered marble, wooden systems, exterior facade, tile semolina, facade bricks, mineral granules, slate granules, hpl laminates, pvc widnow systems, wooden home systems, skylight roofing, skylight roof systems, skylight roofing sheets, greenhouse panels, pc greenhouse panels, pc panels, pc roof panels, energy saving products, energy saving lights, crosscut marble
KSM GROUP        Türkiye     Burak Erdemir    
s construction material, building material, construction, building
BINTAS YAPI ELEMANLARI SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s construction material, building material, construction, building
ERETNA ENDUSTRIYEL TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tayfun AKMAN    
s building materials, process lines, engineering solutions, food process, mechanical equipments, construction materials, steel door, security door, wooden door, interior door, sanitaries, bathroom equipments, ceramic tiles, paint, bathroom, granit, wood doors, pvc doors, solar panels, bathroom furniture, sanitary ware, handrail, building material, bathroom accessories, cooling systems, wooden doors, sanitary wares, steel door, steel constructions, security doors, steel construction, ventilation systems, steel doors, paints, bathroom furnitures, aluminium windows, aluminium doors, construction material, heating system, bathroom accessory, handrails, greenhouse applications, heating systems, aluminium door, aluminium window, renewable energy systems, ventilation system, cooling system, pool systems, renewable energy system, mechanical equipment, farming applications, pool system, bathroom cabin, bathroom cabins, engineering solution, food processes, process line, greenhouse application, farming application
GURZEN INSAAT SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Salih GÜREL    
s marble, honey, aluminium, furniture, natural stone, food, dried apricots, textile, chickpea, olive oil, wheat, lentil, medical components, tomato, chees, dried fruits, legumes, marbles, honeys, aluminiums, furnitures, natural stones, foods, dried apricot, textiles, chickpeas, food products, electrical material, building material, plastic, dried fruit, construction materials, building materials, olive oils, tomatoes, lentils, electrical materials, electrical products, furniture products, construction material, legume, electrical product, food product, aluminum materials, furniture product, cheeses, wheats, aluminum material, aluminium materials, medical component, aluminium material
DOGAN INSAAT OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s construction material, building material, construction, building
s construction material, building material, construction, building
DES MUTLU INSAAT        Türkiye     Sener MUTLU    
s construction material, building material, construction, building
s construction material, building material, construction, building
M2 YAPI        Türkiye     Gurcan Parmaksiz    
s construction material, building material, construction, building
s brick, construction material
NALBANTOGLU INSAAT SAN. TIC.        Türkiye         
s construction material, building material, construction, building
MILLBUCKS LIMITED        Türkiye     Millbucks Limited    
s white cement, plaster of paris, pop cement, white mortar, gypsum powder, construction material, mortar powder, white gypsum powder, white pop cement, white cement
PLANART DEKORASYON A.S.        Türkiye     Nursel KAYAR    
s construction materials, raised access floors, suspended ceilings, carpet tiles, pvc floorings, pvc floor coverings, raised access floor systems, chipboard core panels, raised access floor panels, vinyl coated panels, hpl coated panels, calcium sulphate core panels, encapsulated panels, aluminium panels, aluminium coated panels, aluminum panels, aluminum coated panels, concrete core panels, lay in systems, lay on systems, clip in systems, lay on suspended ceilings, lay in suspended ceilings, clip, aluminum, aluminium, lay in sus, aluminium panel, pvc floor covering, pvc flooring, suspended ceiling, construction material, suspended ceiling systems, pvc floor coverings, raised access floor, carpet tile, aluminum panel, suspended ceiling system, clip in suspended ceilings, raised access floor system, chipboard core panel, raised access floor panel, vinyl coated panel, hpl coated panel, calcium sulphate core panel, encapsulated panel, aluminium coated panel, aluminum coated panel, concrete core panel, lay in system, lay on system, clip in system, lay on suspended ceiling, lay in suspended ceiling, clip in suspended ceiling
ADES TRADING             Seda TUNCER    
s foods, chemical products, chemicals, feeds, additives, textiles, textile products, functional products, decoration products, construction materials, building materials, pulses, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, meat products, dairy products, seafoods, drinks, beverages, technological contributions, sensory contributions, nutritional contributions, zootechnical contributions, home textiles, baby textiles, textile, food, home textile, building material, chemical, beverage, seafood, drink, pulse, textile product, construction material, additive, fresh vegetable, baby textile, feed, fresh fruit, meat product, dairy product, chemical product, decoration product, functional product, technological contribution, sensory contribution, nutritional contribution, zootechnical contribution
ARDEN METAL TIC. LTD. STI.             Hatice Selek TUNA    
s roofing panel, roof panel, construction materials, building materials, isolation materials, insulating materials, sandwich panels, polystyrene sandwich panels, stone wool sandwich panels, glass wool sandwich panels, trapeze plates, roof panels, facade panels, cold storage panels, suspended ceilings, membrane roof panels, galvanized sheets, trapezoid clamp systems, lighting polycarbonate trapezes, straight edge trapezes, drip profiles, interior corner profiles, corner profiles, exterior profiles, cold storage profiles, mahya profiles, lower mahya profiles, building material, galvanized sheet, suspended ceiling, corner profile, construction material, cold storage panel, sandwich panel, insulating material, isolation material, roof panel, facade panel, membrane roof panel, polystyrene sandwich panel, stone wool sandwich panel, glass wool sandwich panel, trapeze plate, trapezoid clamp system, lighting polycarbonate trapeze, straight edge trapeze, drip profile, interior corner profile, exterior profile, cold storage profile, mahya profile, lower mahya profile
UNIMEX YAPI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Alaattin NUMANOĞLU    
s construction, building, construction material, construction materials, building material, building materials